Senior Project

Here are some character concepts for my Senior Project film!
I will get into the story in my next post.

Grim Reaper Poses

Violet (Vi) Facial Expressions

I'm going to bring my blog back to life.
Swear to God.


The Snow Queen: Goblin Mirror

Here is a piece I did when I took Anthony Christov's class.
I finally got around to coloring this piece, and there are a few more pieces I am currently working on in this series.
These mirrors are characters based on the story "The Snow Queen."

I will upload more work when I get around to completing them!



This semester I am taking a Drawing for Animators class.
In this class, we design characters and do turnarounds, poses, and short animation clips.

Here is my first character I designed for this class!

A turnaround of my character, MIMI

MIMI with color

More to come!



I got to work at the CCA booth for the first 3 hours on Sunday at the Alternative Press Expo.
Afterwards, I was able to walk around and see some amazing artists.
Here are some of the things I got!

Buttons by Camilla Derrico

DDAY print by Hangboy
Steve bought this and gave it to me as a gift afterwards!
Thanks Steve!

Art book by Nicolas Villarreal
I saw him at Wonder Con 2010 but never got around to buying his book.
I was so happy to see him at APE!

Nicolas signed the book to me and drew one of his characters!
(and I am going to ignore the corrected K to C in my name)

Shuffle 2: Les Filles (The Girls)
drawings done by various artists in France.
This is the second volume out of 3 and I hope to get the first and last one at some point.

Poison Ivy


All 3 done by Tom Hodges on the spot!

That is all for now.
I hope to update my blog with works of my own at some point.
And I hope to get more followers!


New Website

I made a new site to hold some of my artwork!