The Snow Queen: Goblin Mirror

Here is a piece I did when I took Anthony Christov's class.
I finally got around to coloring this piece, and there are a few more pieces I am currently working on in this series.
These mirrors are characters based on the story "The Snow Queen."

I will upload more work when I get around to completing them!



This semester I am taking a Drawing for Animators class.
In this class, we design characters and do turnarounds, poses, and short animation clips.

Here is my first character I designed for this class!

A turnaround of my character, MIMI

MIMI with color

More to come!



I got to work at the CCA booth for the first 3 hours on Sunday at the Alternative Press Expo.
Afterwards, I was able to walk around and see some amazing artists.
Here are some of the things I got!

Buttons by Camilla Derrico

DDAY print by Hangboy
Steve bought this and gave it to me as a gift afterwards!
Thanks Steve!

Art book by Nicolas Villarreal
I saw him at Wonder Con 2010 but never got around to buying his book.
I was so happy to see him at APE!

Nicolas signed the book to me and drew one of his characters!
(and I am going to ignore the corrected K to C in my name)

Shuffle 2: Les Filles (The Girls)
drawings done by various artists in France.
This is the second volume out of 3 and I hope to get the first and last one at some point.

Poison Ivy


All 3 done by Tom Hodges on the spot!

That is all for now.
I hope to update my blog with works of my own at some point.
And I hope to get more followers!